Best free Lightroom presets to make your photos look natural

In today’s digital age, where every moment is captured and shared, the authenticity of an image stands out more than ever. Natural-looking photos have taken center stage, resonating with audiences seeking genuine moments amidst the constant stream of heavily-edited visuals. But achieving that effortlessly natural vibe in photography isn’t always as simple as a single click. That’s where tools like Adobe Lightroom come into play, empowering photographers and enthusiasts alike to fine-tune their shots. And among Lightroom’s myriad of features, the real game-changer has been its presets.

These powerful, one-click solutions can transform photos, and with a plethora of free Lightroom presets available, achieving that much-sought-after natural look has never been easier. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your editing toolkit, this guide will introduce you to some of the best presets that enhance without overdoing. Curious about how to get started? Dive into our article that covers the basics of Lightroom and its endless possibilities.

What Makes a Lightroom Preset ‘Natural’?

The magic of photography lies in its ability to capture a moment in its purest form, relaying emotions, colors, and textures just as they were. With the excess of editing tools available today, it’s tempting to overhaul a photograph entirely, diving into intense filters and adjustments. However, there’s an art to enhancing a photo without losing its essence, and this is where the concept of a ‘natural’ Lightroom preset comes into play.

So, what does it mean for a preset to be ‘natural’? At its core, a natural preset subtly enhances a photo. It doesn’t overhaul the colors to the point where the sunset looks like it’s from another planet, nor does it smoothen the skin textures to render a portrait unrecognizable. Instead, it lightly touches up an image, amplifying its strengths and softening its imperfections, all while ensuring the photograph remains grounded in reality.

Maintaining the original feel and tone of a photograph is paramount. Think of a photograph as a story. An intensely edited photo is like a story with too many plot twists – it may seem intriguing at first, but it can quickly become unrelatable and overwhelming. On the other hand, a naturally edited photo retains its original narrative, just with a bit more clarity and emphasis on the key elements. It evokes genuine emotions and connects with the viewer, as they recognize and appreciate the authenticity of the captured moment.

In the era of visual overload, where heavily-filtered and edited images are the norm, natural presets offer a breath of fresh air. They remind us of the beauty in simplicity and the power of authenticity.

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Best Free Lightroom Presets for Natural Photos

With the growing demand for authenticity in photography, Lightroom presets catering to the natural aesthetic are on the rise. However, with so many options out there, it can be a challenge to sift through the myriad of choices to find those true gems that enhance without overpowering. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just someone looking to elevate your Instagram game, the right preset can make all the difference. Below, we’ve curated a list of some of the finest free Lightroom presets that master the art of subtlety, ensuring your photos radiate a natural charm without straying too far from their original essence. Let’s dive in!
Please note, all the presets mentioned here link to their mobile versions. While we also offer their desktop counterparts, you can find them right here.

Natural Lightroom Preset (FREE)

Download here

In the vast world of Lightroom presets, the “Natural” collection stands out as a beacon for those in pursuit of that perfect balance between authenticity and enhancement. With just one click, this preset promises to transform your photos into natural, bright, and airy masterpieces. It’s all about highlighting the true essence of your photographs, bringing forward brighter colors, accentuating the beauty of skin tones, and giving backgrounds that pristine white touch.

Benefits of Using the Natural Preset:

Natural Photo Look: Ensures your images stay true to their original vibe, making the end result look less ‘edited’ and more ‘experienced’.
Professional Edit: Elevate your photos with an edit that looks refined and polished, often seen in professional portfolios.
Bright and Airy Feeling: Breathes life into your photos, giving them a fresh and open feel that’s pleasing to the eye.
Versatility: Whether you’re an Instagram aficionado, a photography enthusiast, or just love capturing candid people shots, this preset is tailored for you.

When Does the Natural Preset Shine the Brightest?

While the “Natural” preset is versatile enough for a variety of shots, it truly excels in scenarios where natural light is abundant. Think outdoor portraits during golden hour, candid moments at bright and open spaces, or even indoor settings with ample light pouring in. Its ability to balance and enhance colors without overpowering makes it an excellent choice for lifestyle bloggers, influencers, and anyone looking to make their everyday moments pop.

IG Style (FREE)

Download here

In today’s digital age, Instagram isn’t just a social media platform; it’s a lifestyle, a brand, a statement. For many, achieving that perfect “Instagram-worthy” shot is a blend of the right moment and the right edit. Enter the “IG Style” preset – a harmonious blend of contemporary Instagram editing styles with an undying commitment to natural aesthetics. Inspired by the vibrant and ever-evolving world of influencers and fashionistas, this preset is your ticket to professional-level edits that effortlessly ooze style, all while keeping things refreshingly real.

A testimonial from Amanda sums up its magic, “I love how these presets make my pictures look like professional edits! Colors are amazing, and the picture still looks natural. Thank you for your great job making amazing presets!”

Defining Characteristics of IG Style:

Mood: Think Vogue. Picture the bustling streets of New York City, intertwined with hints of trendy fashion.

Natural Edit with Bright Colors: While the edit is grounded in realism, it doesn’t shy away from elevating the colors to make them pop.

Transformative Yet Cohesive: Aimed at turning your Instagram feed into a symphony of style, each image, while unique, sings the same fashionable tune, ensuring cohesiveness.

When is IG Style at its Best?

The beauty of “IG Style” is its versatility. Whether you’re a sun-kissed traveler looking to accentuate that natural tan, a fashion blogger showcasing the latest trends, or just anyone looking to make their social media feed stand out, this preset works wonders. Ideal scenarios include urban settings, fashion shoots, or even candid moments where the emphasis is on color and style. It’s not just about making the photo look good; it’s about making it feel current, trendy, and in-the-moment.

The magic doesn’t just stop at color enhancement. The preset goes a step further, brightening and softening skin, ensuring that tan looks as natural as it felt, and overall, intensifying colors without making them look garish.

Whether you’re an ‘Instagram babe’, a budding fashion blogger, or just someone who loves sharing snippets of life on social media, the “IG Style” preset is your ally in making every post memorable.

Insta Lady (FREE)

Download here

There’s a certain finesse in achieving that impeccable Instagram photo – a balance of color, texture, and tone. The “Insta Lady” preset offers just that – a symphony of natural edits complemented by a clean look that’s undeniably captivating. Inspired by top fashion aesthetics and the dynamic energy of Instagram stories, this preset is all about striking the perfect pose with unparalleled confidence.

Fernanda’s review is a testament to the preset’s allure: “Love this one. I don’t usually do reviews, but I was so happy to find a preset that actually brightens without making everything look grainy! Love this preset.”

The Insta Lady Aesthetic:

Mood: Picture the world of top fashion – sleek, stylish, and always on point. Now imagine the spontaneity of an Instagram story combined with the elegance of a well-thought-out pose. That’s the Insta Lady for you.

Natural Edit with a Clean Look: Every image edited with this preset emanates a fresh vibe. The tones are brighter and more intensive, providing a consistent and attention-grabbing feed that’s bound to make your followers double-tap.

Popping Colors & Defined Contrast: Beyond just enhancing, this preset transforms. It intensifies colors, making them pop and adding a layer of definition through contrast.

When Does Insta Lady Shine the Brightest?

“Insta Lady” is the go-to preset for the modern woman (or man) who loves to be in front of the camera. It’s perfect for:

Selfies: Capture your best angles and let the preset bring out the glow in your skin.

Portrait Photography: Whether it’s a planned photoshoot or a candid moment, Insta Lady enhances the subject, making them the undeniable focal point.

Outside and Indoor Shots: Whether you’re amidst nature or within the cozy confines of your home, this preset adapts, always ensuring that the result is nothing short of spectacular.

With the “Insta Lady” preset in your editing arsenal, every photo is a step closer to achieving that influencer-level aesthetic, without compromising on authenticity.

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