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Create aesthetic instagram profile with hand drawn high quality instagram highlight covers. Fashion collection for fashion influencers and bloggers. This collection is inspired by the latest color trends and fashion design styles so this is perfect to finish your influencer look in that instagram game. Are you a trend setter? Then this pack is for you!
10 different hand drawn icons with options and 10 text icons with options:
✔ 3 different skin tones from light to dark
✔ 3 different hair colors from blonde to black
✔ 2 different background colors - brown and grey
✔ 40 text icons: 10 different text icons in 2 text colors and 2 background colors (brown and grey)
Put together: 172 icons for your personalized instagram look!
All covers are in png image file format. 

Your instagram highlight covers files will be available for download right after completing the payment. Download straight from the final purchase page or from the received download e-mail.

1. Download the file to your phone. Unzip it. All images will be categorized in folders.
2. Open your Instagram app, select “Edit Highlight”, and then “Edit Cover”.
3. Select the icon of your choice from the direction you saved the icons to and adjust the thumbnail however you want it.
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