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12 packs of your favourite Lightroom presets in one collection!
157 Professional mobile presets for eye-catching instagram feed.
Soft creamy, caramel and nudes in our handpicked bestseller presets! Take your instagram feed to the next level without any additional worries because all these presets will look amazing together! 
CREAMY - Soft pastel beige tones and dreamy cream breeze will magically transform your photograph to marvelous stylish golden look. In step with trends we created this CREAMY collection for fashionistas and beauty lovers, who feel the importance of aesthetics. 
CARAMEL - Warm golden brown tones for perfect yummy caramel photo look. Take your instagram feed to the next level with our CARAMEL presets collection. Bloggers and influencers approve! 
COOKIE - Soft tones and orange caramel colour will make your skin look gorgeous and instagram feed pretty. Improve your photos with our COOKIE presets collection.
NEW YORK - Rush on the streets, yellow taxi's, Carrie Bradshaw, coffee-to-go and the strongest spirit of fashion - it's our beloved New York. Dive into the city of big lights with the flavour of strong coffee and chocolate donuts. 
AMARETTO - Perfect as a liqueur, distillation of almond and sugarcane tones will make your photos look special and unique. Sparkling and luxury look is a must for any social icon!
VANILLA - Soft Vanilla touch to your perfect photos. Clean skin, brownish nudes, minimal colour for unique and tasteful photos. Make your instagram feed stand out with professional VANILLA presets collection.
MOVIE TIME - Spending quality time at home with your family and the loved one, make it memorable and picture these perfect moments. Flavor your photos with warm red tones and dreamy feeling. Make your instagram feed eye-catching and consistent.
VINTAGE - Vintage & Retro look Lightroom presets collection with brown nudes and nostalgic golden tones will get that Vintage picture feeling. Easy, one click adjustable preset and your instagram feed becomes professional blogger's feed!
NUDE TONES - Trendy and classic nude color is always a good idea when it comes to fashionable look. Marvelous skin tone, brighter background and stunning even colors. Impress them with your cohesive feed.
GOLDEN - Gold color is an eternal classic - put some it in your photos. Perfect looking golden tones with deep red midtones will make your pictures warm, classy and unique. 
BOHO CHIC - Cute ankle boots, messy hair, maxi peasant skirts and relaxing feeling of freedom... Give some natural earthy tones to your pictures, while making them airy white and a little bit brighter. Taste the kiss of the sun and soft wind breeze. 
NUDE - Warm and white airy feeling, you WILL love these edits as your insta followers too. Take your feed to the next level with nude tones and tanned skin with just one click!
‚úĒÔłŹ 12 collections - 157 Lightroom mobile presets (DNG files)
‚úĒÔłŹStep-by-step installation instructions (pdf guide with link to video tutorial)
Your presets files will be available for download right after completing the payment. Download straight from the final purchase page or from the received download e-mail.
-Created to work on most photos.
-Made with love by a photographer curated by a fashion stylist.
-Perfectly works with Iphone and Android mobiles.
-Download a free Lightroom app on your mobile to use presets. Works with and without subscription.
-Easy to adjust - just one click!
-Each preset may look differently on your photos. All the presets are pre-tested on different photos but you still may need some soft touch on adjustments for it to look perfect.
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