How to install

How to add mobile presets to Lightroom mobile app?

Video tutorial on youtube:

You will need to download free Lightroom mobile app to your mobile phone to start using presets

Download link for iphone: Lightroom mobile for iPhone

Download link for Android: Lightroom mobile for Android

 1. First of all you need Lightroom mobile app than you can download from your app store. After the purchase you will be able to download preset files straight from the receipt page. In addition you will receive an email from our shop with receipt and Download Links - just click them.

Download preset files to your mobile. Unzip them. (On iPhone - just click on the .zip file in your "files" folder, as usually all the downloaded files go there. On Android - locate the file in your Files app, then select the .zip file and tap "extract" on the popped up menu, then click "done").

 2. Open Lightroom mobile app. Once it's opened you can start adding your new presets.To add presets click on the blue button with + and photo icon in the right bottom corner of your screen or the three dots ( ... ) in the right top corner, click Add Photos and choose the location where your downloaded files are (From Camera Roll or From Files). Usually the presets files are saved into the Files folder. In this case - click "From Files".

3. Select DNG files you want to add (your presets). You can select multiple files at once. Be sure to select all of the presets.

4. Once you have imported all DNG files to your Lightroom mobile app, click on the one of them and after the preset (picture of it) opens ,click on the three dots button ( ... ) in the top right corner. You should see the option "Create Preset" - click that button.​Now you should name your preset (We usually name them by numbers 1,2,3,...) and choose the Preset Group. In order to easily find your presets later, create new presets group for each pack you buy (and again, make it simple and give the name as it appears on the preset picture, for example - Light and Dreamy). You can choose the option to create a new preset group after you click on the default Preset Group User Presets.

5. Now repeat same actions with other DNG files you have added to your Lightroom mobile app.​NOTE: we are recommending you to leave Tools, Optics and Geometry unchecked. It's a default settings for the presets as you will see.

Great job! Now you are all set to start using your presets and make your pictures look amazing just with one click!