FashionistaPresets is here to make your photos incredible. With our professional skills in photography, editing and fashion industry we are constantly creating new amazing presets for your photos! Our goal is to keep up with ongoing trends in photography and social media industry. 

Every person wants to look perfect in their photos. Surely makeup and hair making do it's job but mainly it's the photographer's duty to create THAT photo of a person. Nowadays every girl or boy has a smartphone with amazing cameras that can shoot almost like a professional camera but still there is one problem left and probably no photographer would tell you it - in most cases photo will look good only after it's edited with professional programs. It's the most time consuming job that photographers do. Of course everyone has their secrets in his job and as for us - our photographer made a huge amount of presets that he is using in a daily work. 

This is how the idea came up - why not to share these incredible edits with all of the world? 

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I am a photographer that enjoys being in a moment and capturing it. Photography is my biggest passion since teenage years. Although I like to travel a lot and take photos of breathtaking sceneries, in my daily job I specialize at human photography. I do personal photoshoots, fashion shoots of models and events and when got some free time - wedding photos. As you may have already noticed, photography takes really huge part in my life. As I've started showing my before - after pictures with and without the preset, my friends and wife often started to ask me for these presets and I've heard talks me making their lifes easier and instagram feeds prettier.

Now I constantly see my wife posting photos of my son with my presets to instagram :) As I am that kind of person that likes to make other happier ( because well, this world sometimes is not such a happy place...:)) I decided to share my work with all of you!

Now this shop is managed by me and my wife. As my wife has barchelor degree in fashion and communications she manages all the sales, visuals and communication, while me - I do what I do best - making all these presets.

I really hope to get you feel prettier and most importantly - happier :)