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Imagine elevating your photo editing skills to new heights with just a few clicks. Free Lightroom presets offers a versatile and efficient way to enhance your photography, saving you time and effort while producing stunning results. In this article, we will explore the world of free presets Lightroom and how they can transform your images.

Key Takeaways

  • Discover free Lightroom presets to enhance photos with professional-grade effects.

  • Consider compatibility, customizability, and quality when selecting the right preset for your images.

  • Tips on organizing presets library and combining them for unique effects included in article.

Discovering Free Lightroom Presets

Free adobe Lightroom presets are pre-configured settings that can be easily installed and applied to your photos within Adobe Lightroom for Mobile. They provide a simple yet powerful tool for photographers and photo enthusiasts alike, allowing you to effortlessly enhance your images with professional-grade effects. To install Lightroom presets, simply follow the instructions, provided in here or with downloaded presets pack.

Achieving the desired outcome in your photos hinges upon selecting the right preset. Factors such as style, compatibility, customisability, quality, and workflow should be taken into consideration when selecting the best free Lightroom presets. A seamless editing experience requires presets that are compatible with your version of Adobe Lightroom and your preferred file formats.

Free Lightroom Mobile Presets at FashionistaPresets

At FashionistaPresets, we offer a wide range of free mobile Lightroom presets that are perfect for photographers on the go. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a photo enthusiast, our mobile presets can help you take your mobile photography to the next level. From stunning portrait presets to vibrant landscape presets, our collection includes a variety of styles to suit your unique photography needs. Our Lightroom presets are easy to download and use, and they’re compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Best of all, they’re completely free! So why wait? Elevate your mobile photography game with FashionistaPresets today!

How to Choose the Right Free Presets Lightroom

Free Lightroom presets come in various styles, catering to different photography genres and aesthetics. From landscape and portrait presets to food photography and Instagram-specific presets, there is a vast selection available to suit your needs. When choosing a free Lightroom preset, consider its compatibility with your version of Adobe Lightroom, whether it’s Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, or the Lightroom Mobile App. Also, ensure that the preset supports your preferred file formats, such as RAW or JPG. With lightroom mobile presets, you can enhance your photos on-the-go using the Lightroom Mobile App.

Keep in mind that not all free presets will function flawlessly with every image. Factors such as lighting conditions, exposure, and subject matter can affect how well a preset works on a particular photo. To achieve the best results, you may need to adjust the preset settings or even create your own custom presets tailored to your specific photography style and preferences. Experimenting with various presets and settings will help you discover the perfect combination for your images.

Customising Free Lightroom Presets

Customising free Lightroom presets allows you to fine-tune the effects and create a unique look that matches your vision. Modifying elements like highlights, exposure, and contrast in Adobe Lightroom’s Develop mode allows you to fine-tune preset settings and achieve the perfect balance in your photos.

Additionally, creating your own presets enables you to streamline your editing process and maintain a consistent style across your photography.

Adjusting Preset Settings

Considering the unique characteristics of each image is critical when adjusting preset settings in Lightroom. Applying a preset to multiple photos simultaneously can save time, but it may not yield the best results if the photos were taken under different lighting conditions or with varying exposure levels. To achieve the best outcome, fine-tune the settings for each photo individually, adjusting elements such as clarity, exposure, and contrast as needed.

Applying a Lightroom preset to multiple photos is only suitable if the photos were taken under similar conditions, with consistent lighting and exposure. While this method may not be able to perfectly accommodate every image, it does provide a great time-saving benefit and can help you create presets that work well for a specific set of photos.

Creating Your Own Presets

Creating your own Lightroom presets gives you the flexibility to apply consistent and personalized edits to your photos. It also makes editing easier, faster and more efficient! By experimenting with various adjustments and settings, you can develop presets tailored to different types of photography and capture your desired aesthetic.

The process of creating your own preset in Lightroom involves:

  1. Opening the Develop module

  2. Selecting the “+” button adjacent to Presets

  3. Choosing the settings you wish to include in your preset

  4. Entering a name for your new preset

Crafting your own presets not only streamlines your editing process but also ensures a uniform look across your photography. Custom presets enable you to apply the adjustments and effects that best suit your style and vision, allowing you to create truly unique and captivating images.

Most Popular and Best Free Lightroom Presets Categories

There is a diverse range of free Lightroom presets available, catering to various photography styles and preferences. To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of the best Lightroom presets in popular categories, including:

  • Black & white

  • Light & airy

  • Landscape

  • Portrait

  • Food photography

  • Instagram

  • Christmas presets

Each category offers a unique set of effects and adjustments, allowing you to find the perfect Lightroom preset for your specific needs.

Black & White Presets

Black & white presets offer a timeless and dramatic look for your photos, transforming even the most ordinary images into captivating works of art. These presets can generate a variety of effects, ranging from subtle to dramatic, depending on the preset selected. Examples of popular black & white presets include Back to Black Presets Collection, White Lifestyle Lightroom presets, and Matte Lightroom Preset. Utilizing black & white presets can add a mysterious atmosphere, eliminate small distracting details, and evoke a vintage charm in your photography.

Whether you’re looking to create a high-contrast, retro film look or a warm, timeless aesthetic, black & white presets offer an array of options for enhancing your images. Experiment with different presets to find the perfect balance of tone and texture that best complements your photography style.

Light & Airy Presets

Light & airy presets are designed to create a fresh and clean look in your photos, perfect for capturing the essence of spring or summer. These presets can generate a luminous and airy aesthetic, featuring muted hues and delicate shadows. Examples of popular light & airy presets include Light & Airy, Color Pop, and Natural Tones. Using light & airy presets adds depth and vibrancy to your images, yielding stunning results that evoke tranquility and serenity.

Experiment with different light & airy presets to find the perfect balance of brightness and color for your photography. Whether you’re shooting outdoor landscapes, portraits, or still life, these presets can enhance your images with a fresh and radiant touch.

Landscape Presets

Landscape presets are specifically tailored to enhance landscape photography, bringing out the natural beauty of outdoor scenes. These presets can improve the dynamic range, add depth to dull photos, and enhance colors for a more vibrant and striking image. Example of popular landscape presets collections is Adventure.

Using landscape presets can convert even the most ordinary nature photos into breathtaking masterpieces. Experiment with different landscape presets to find the perfect combination of adjustments and effects for your outdoor photography. Whether you’re capturing a serene forest scene or a dramatic mountain range, landscape presets can help you achieve stunning results that showcase the beauty of the natural world and landscape image.

Portrait Presets

Portrait presets are designed to enhance your portrait photography, improving skin tones, adding depth, and creating a professional touch. These presets can transform your portrait photos into captivating images that draw the viewer’s attention to the subject. Examples of popular portrait presets include Portrait Lightroom Preset, Selfie Lightroom Presets, and Cute Selfie Lightroom Presets. Using portrait presets facilitates the creation of beautiful images that highlight the unique characteristics and personality of your subjects.

Experiment with different portrait presets to find the perfect combination of adjustments and effects for your photography. Whether you’re shooting studio portraits, candid street photography, or intimate family moments, portrait presets can help you achieve stunning results that capture the essence of your subjects.

Food Photography Presets

Food photography presets are designed to enhance the colors and textures of your food photos, making them more appetizing and visually appealing. These presets can transform your food photography into mouthwatering images that showcase the deliciousness of your culinary creations. Examples of popular food photography presets include the Healthy, Mistletoe, and Insta Bright.

Utilizing food photography presets helps create stunning images that encapsulate the essence of your dishes and allure viewers with their vibrant colors and textures. Experiment with different food photography presets to find the perfect balance of color, contrast, and texture for your images. Whether you’re shooting a gourmet meal at a restaurant, a homemade dessert, or a colorful salad, food photography presets can help you achieve stunning results that make your dishes look as delicious as they taste.

Presets for Instagram

Presets for Instagram are designed specifically for optimizing your photos for the popular social media platform. These presets can help you create a consistent aesthetic for your Instagram feed, making your photos stand out and garner more attention from viewers. Examples of popular Instagram presets include the Creamy Lightroom Preset, Insta Lady and the IG Style.

Utilizing Instagram presets enhances your Instagram game, resulting in a visually stunning feed that captivates your audience. Experiment with different Instagram presets to find the perfect balance of color, contrast, and brightness for your photos. Whether you’re showcasing your latest travel adventures, sharing candid moments with friends, or promoting your brand, Instagram presets can help you create eye-catching images that resonate with your audience and enhance your overall Instagram presence.

Christmas Presets

Christmas presets are designed to add festive touches and enhance the atmosphere of your holiday photos. These presets can improve the dynamic range, add warmth, and intensify colors, creating a cozy and inviting feel for your images. Examples of popular Christmas presets include the Christmas Time preset, Magic Christmas Lightroom Presets, and Gingerbread.

Utilizing Christmas presets enables the creation of stunning holiday photos that encapsulate the magic and spirit of the season. Experiment with different Christmas presets to find the perfect balance of color, contrast, and brightness for your holiday photos. Whether you’re capturing the twinkling lights of a Christmas tree, a festive family gathering, or a snowy winter landscape, Christmas presets can help you create enchanting images that evoke the warmth and joy of the holiday season.

Free Mobile Presets For Cohesive Instagram Feed

Looking to create a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed? Our free mobile presets can help you achieve that! For instance, our “Caramel” preset pack offers a warm and cozy feel, adding a caramel tint to your photos for a vintage vibe. If you’re after a softer and more delicate aesthetic, the “Soft Creamy”preset pack is a perfect choice. It adds a gentle touch to your photos, making them look dreamy and ethereal. Want to add a pop of color to your feed? The “Bright & Rosy” preset pack can do just that, adding a vibrant and rosy glow to your photos. All these presets are designed to work harmoniously together, allowing you to create a cohesive Instagram feed that is sure to captivate your audience.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Free Lightroom Presets

While free Lightroom presets offer numerous benefits, they can also come with their own set of challenges and limitations. Common issues include:

  • Compatibility with different versions of Lightroom and file formats

  • Functionality issues

  • Installation difficulties

  • Restricted customization possibilities

  • Quality considerations

In the following sections, we will discuss how to troubleshoot these common issues and work around preset limitations to make the most of your free Lightroom presets.

Compatibility Issues

Compatibility issues with Lightroom presets can arise due to different versions of Adobe Lightroom or varying file formats. Common compatibility issues include partial compatibility, incompatibility with certain versions of Lightroom, visibility issues, and confusion surrounding preset file formats. To resolve these issues, ensure that the preset is compatible with your version of Adobe Lightroom and supports your preferred file formats, such as RAW or JPG. If you encounter file format issues, try signing out and signing in again from the menu bar in Lightroom, or manually adjust the order of presets by navigating to the develop presets folder. If these solutions do not work, you may require further assistance from the Lightroom community or Adobe support.

A seamless editing experience requires understanding the compatibility limitations of your presets. By ensuring that your presets are compatible with your version of Adobe Lightroom and preferred file formats, you can avoid unnecessary frustrations and enjoy the benefits of using free Lightroom presets to enhance your photography.

Preset Limitations

Presets, while incredibly useful, are not a one-size-fits-all solution for every photo. The quality of the original photo can significantly impact the outcome of a preset. Using a high-quality image, such as a RAW file, will yield better results than a lower-quality JPG. Additionally, presets may not be effective on all photographs, as the characteristics of each image can vary.

To overcome preset limitations in Lightroom, consider the following steps:

  1. Optimize performance settings: Adjust the performance settings in Lightroom to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

  2. Reset preferences: If you’re experiencing issues with presets, try resetting your preferences in Lightroom to restore default settings.

  3. Experiment with different presets and settings: Try out different presets and settings to find the perfect combination for your images. Don’t be afraid to adjust settings or create custom presets to achieve your desired outcome.

By understanding the limitations of presets and working around them, you can achieve the best possible results for your photography.

Tips for Maximizing the Use of Free Lightroom Presets

To make the most of your free Lightroom presets, it’s important to keep your presets library organized and experiment with combining presets for unique effects. In the following sections, we will explore tips for organizing your presets library and combining presets for personalized and creative results.

Organizing Your Presets Library

An organized presets library is vital for efficient and streamlined editing. You can create folders and subfolders within the Presets panel in Adobe Lightroom, making it easy to locate and access the presets you need for your photo editing workflow. Additionally, utilizing keywords and tags to label and search for presets can further enhance your organization and efficiency.

Maintaining an organized presets library enables quick location and application of the necessary presets, thus saving time and effort in your editing process. Experiment with different organizational methods to find the system that works best for you, and enjoy the benefits of a streamlined and efficient workflow.

Combining Presets for Unique Effects

Combining multiple presets allows you to create unique and personalized effects for your photos. Achieving a customized appearance that matches your vision requires layering presets and experimenting with different combinations. Stackable presets, in particular, enable you to apply multiple presets to an image without overwriting each other, allowing you to achieve the desired effects without over-processing the image. For further information on how to create and use stackable presets in Lightroom, tutorials and guides are available in our blog.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations of presets to create your own unique style. By layering and blending presets, you can achieve a personalized look that sets your photography apart and showcases your creative vision.


Free Lightroom presets offer a versatile and powerful tool for enhancing your photography, allowing you to apply professional-grade effects with just a few clicks. With a vast array of categories and styles available, there’s a preset to suit every photographer’s needs and preferences. By organizing your presets library, customizing settings, and combining presets for unique effects, you can elevate your photo editing skills and create stunning images that capture your vision. So, dive into the world of free Lightroom presets and unlock your creative potential today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get Lightroom presets for free?

FashionistaPresets are giving away all presets for free! Download now to get started on improving your photos today!

How do I install Lightroom presets for free?

Download the presets, unzip them, save them, open Lightroom Mobile CC App and add the DNG/Preset Files to it. Then, create Lightroom Presets from the DNG Files for free.

How do I get Lightroom premium for free?

You can start a seven-day free trial of Lightroom at any time. Simply click ‘Start Free Trial’ and select the appropriate plan option. Additionally, the free mode of the Lightroom mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

What factors should I consider when selecting a Lightroom preset?

When selecting a Lightroom preset, make sure to consider its style, compatibility, customizability, quality, and workflow to ensure you get the best result.

Can I customize Lightroom presets for my specific photography needs?

Yes, you can customize Lightroom presets to suit your photography needs, adjusting the settings in Adobe Lightroom’s Develop mode to create a unique look that matches your vision.

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