Life is too short to take boring photos. Make your pictures pop and catch their eyes while scrolling instagram feed. Have you ever seen stunning influencer or blogger feed that look so cohesive and clean? We’re sure you did! Although it may seem you need a lot to know and a lot to do to achieve such aesthetics, but it's not like that. All you need to have is your phone, Lightroom app and our presets!

If you are familiar with social media and instagram itself, you should already know that the most important thing here is the visual. As instagram is photo and video sharing social networking, everything influencers and bloggers post has to be visually appealing. How do you achieve that? Well, you’ve got to maintain your feed cohesive - it means every single photo should match. Also you’ve got to decide on what picture style you’d like to have. Freshly taken photo will not be ready to be posted on instagram. You’ve got to edit it first. Editing photos might be a tricky process and not so easy to learn. Sometimes you would even need some costly apps to make it work. But we are not trying to become professional photographers, right? We don’t need to be pro to gain followers and to create stunning photos. That’s where Lightroom presets will come to help.

Why is it important to use Lightroom presets for instagram?

Just imagine, you see two instagram profiles of different people. The first one is messy, there is no idea in posted pictures, you could not even name the style of the photos - as there is no style. Well, it looks like “shot and posted”. While the other profile is max cohesive, it has one color palette in every single photo, it looks appealing and nice. Which one you’d follow? Definitely the second one! So the purpose of the Lightroom presets for instagram is to help you in becoming that stunning blogger! After you apply the preset to your photo it becomes different, popping, picture will have it’s style (depending on what preset you are applying). You can even get some ideas and inspiration from presets for your instagram as there are a lot of before-after photos in each collection. Also we would like to share one secret with you. All the instagram bloggers and influencers are using Lightroom presets for their photos! Well, now it has to be completely clear why we need to use Lightroom presets for instagram.

The difference between presets styles

There are two main types of Lightroom presets - Natural and with Filter. Natural presets in most cases will fix the lighting and contrast, brighten and fix the colors in photograph. They may even change colors a bit but there would be no significant changes in the photo as it will still look natural. While the other “Filter” type of presets will change the picture. There are a lot of different categories, starting with colored filters ( like caramel, creamy... ) and finishing with such filters that eliminate the colors, focusing only on one or few of them. There are some presets that are created after fashion trends (boho chic) or known cities (New York). They usually focus on exclusive characteristics or memorable color. As this article is about presets that are suitable for instagram, well there is no one correct opinion on that. It really depends on what you’d like to achieve with your profile. If you shoot colorful photos and there is no problem in maintaining similar composition and the same color palette in each of your posts - then you can easily go with Natural presets. But if you’d like to add one glamor and keep it that way - then you should totally go with the filtered presets.

Instagram feed aesthetics

So as we already know, the most important starting point for your instagram to be cohesive is to choose the theme style of your feed. Will it be dark and moody? Or are you up for warm Caramel look? Or maybe you’d like to keep it Light and Airy? Scroll through our Lightroom presets and you will definitely get some inspiration and make your decision quickly! Don’t forget you have to always keep up with the style so there would be no chaos. Of Course you can change it later if you change your mind, just pick another preset for instagram! So what is up after you’ve chosen the theme style? We recommend deciding which grid variant you will use and maintain it like this. Traditional grid - well there is no need to explain it further, you picture the photo, you apply the preset, you post it. Simple as it is. The tiles - you post in this order: 1 photo, one quote (you still have to maintain your color scheme). The rows - it’s similar like The Tiles, just post 3 photos instead of 1 and 3 quotes instead of 1. Vertical lane - you need to keep a conspicuous vertical line in the middle of your feed. You can make it whichever color you want, also you can make it with geographic elements or quotes. Ombre - Going from one color to another. For example, you can take pictures with the base purple color (the picture is filled 80% of this color) and after posting 6 - 9 of them you transfer to the pink one. And of course it is recommended to always have an idea of what you are going to post next!