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Valentine's Day photo ideas at home

January is a really calm month for almost all of us. As the Christmas frenzy has already passed we can quietly prepare for the second upcoming festival. And hello there, lovely Valentine’s Day! This year as well as the past one isn’t such a festive because of the scary things going on in the world. But actually there is no need to grieve as everything will pass eventually. Let’s concentrate on these things that can make us happier at this moment. Have you already thought about little surprises you would do to your loved one? We all need a little sunshine and that’s us who can become one! In this article I will present you a few ideas of the photographs you can take to make this day memorable for your couple!
1.Crazy and lively photos of you two
Any photo will look better if taken “in action”. Try not to pose strictly and communicate with your other half. Pretend that you are playing something, talking or silly laughing from one another! Don’t forget about the details – maybe the teddy bear that he gifted or a couple of roses? Show off your precious gift! You will want to share it with the world. Or maybe it’s your man that you want to show off?

2.Old but gold – shoots with flowers
You probably would want to pose alone for that instagrammable photo look. Take the flowers he gave you and ask him to make a few photos! You can do it pretty much anywhere – bathroom, living room, bedroom… If you’d like your photos to look more professional you need better lightning. And for that you should probably go outside. Try posing in the yard or in your car?
3.Photos with pets
Have you got your lovely dog or other cute pet you can take to the shot? You should definitely do it! Everyone already know that pictures with pets look amazing and the cutness overloads!
4.Photos of the gifts
Not feeling like posing today? No worries! At least picture these precious gifts he gave you. Doesn’t matter if it’s a teddy bear, a balloon or a huge bouquet of flowers, definitely shoot it! You will probably want to post it on instagram, too?
5.Galentine’s Day photos
Are you the one of that crowd that celebrating Galentine’s Day this year? Then make it fun too! There are a lot of amusing things you could do and no one would tell you a word! Show it as an advantage like this girl did:
6.Use presets to edit your photos
You don’t want to spend a lot of your time making your taken photos look better. Instagram filters don’t make such a great edit. These influencers and bloggers have already find out easier way of makinmg their feed aesthetic. The secret is revelead – they use presets! Simple and easy way to change your photo in one click. Click – and it’s marvelous. Just look 
I hope I gave you some good ideas on taking that perfect picture of your lovely Valentine’s Day at home. Don’t hesitate, make the most fun of it. Smile more, laugh more, love more!
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