Instagram trends - Visual concept #1

Instagram trends - Visual concept #1

Guys, we all know how important it is to keep your instagram look trendy and fabulous. Sometimes it must be hard to come up with some ideas on what to post and how to make it look like. If you want more followers, bigger engagement and more collabs or paid marketing offers - you've got to work on your branding and yor identity. It may sound like you need to get a university degree to understand but it is not, I promise! In this article you will find valuable information on Instagram Trends in Visual concept. Check out this guide on trends that are perfectly suitable not only for personal blog but also for commerce and brands.

Trend #1 - Aesthetics

This ir probably the brightest trend on instagram that originated in 2020 and is still  relevant in 2022. It's all about your lifestyle, seeing beauty in simple things and transfering this to your picture on instagram. Although aesthetics direction is relevant from long time ago, now it became "minimal aesthetics" - the less the better, the simplier the better". 
How to make pictures for this trend?
good lighting
no more than 3 colors in a picture
white background (any tone of white)
little detail
choose pastel or earthy tones
    Presets for Aesthetics:

    Trend #2 Flashlight

    Brand new trend that a long time ago was not-so-trendy is slowly rising to the top now. Shoot your pictures in natural lighting or try to hold the lamp behind the camera or your phone (whatever you are shooting with). 
    How to shoot pictures for this trend?
    The best result is shooting in the night time
    Lower the exposure
    Edit shadows and highlights in Lightroom
      Presets for Flashlight:

      Trend #3 Dark Visual

      You should have probably seen a lot of instagram accounts already keeping up with this brand new trend of dark pictures. The beggining of this trend is early 2020 and it bombed at the end of 2021 all over the world. It's simple to keep up with this aesthetics as all you need is to find the perfect exposition and edit your picture in Lightroom before posting it to instagram. 
      How to shoot pictures for this trend?
      Lower the exposure setting while shooting
      Shoot at good lighting avoiding direct sunlight
      Use Lightroom presets for cohesive look
      Presets for Dark Visual:
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