First of all I want to note that this is not going to be a long and super complicated tutorial that you’ll have to read for a few hours, definitely not! Also I won't explain how the program itself works, or how you can take photos to make them look better. I am going to be straightforward and answer this main question - How can you smoothen skin to make it look flawless? So if you’re willing to save time, then this tutorial is just for you. We break it down into a few parts. To jump to the section you are interested in, just click on the link in "article summary".


1. What do we need to get started?  

2. How to make skin smoother in Lightroom?  

3. Smoothen skin in Lightroom The Harder Way!   

4. Smoothen skin in Lightroom The Easy Way!  

5. Lightroom skin smoothing preset  

6. What makes presets so good and popular?  

7. So what about those presets?  

As you have already realized, this tutorial is about how to easily and quickly make skin soft with just a few simple clicks using the free Lightroom mobile app (you will be able to do it with a paid one too). You can easily and quickly adjust your desired photo, hide wrinkles and adjust the smoothness of the photo itself.



What do we need to get started?


We just need a smartphone that already has the Lightroom App installed. If you don't have one, here you can download the Adobe Lightroom App for iPhone, here is for the Android or you can just open your phone’s app store and download it from there.

We will also need a good mood! Are you ready? Let's Go!



How to make skin smoother in Lightroom?


The Lightroom app is actually very powerful when it comes to photo adjustments. It allows you to not only change colors, edit backgrounds, lighting, tones, or smoothen skin but an infinite number of things. Skin smoothing can be done more than in a few ways here. In this tutorial we will talk about a few of them. First of all, we will use one of our favorites, as it makes it easy to edit the “softness” of the photo and at the same time the smoothness of the skin. It will be much easier to understand even for a completely fresh Lightroom user. Well and of course it will save you an infinite amount of time!


Smoothen skin in Lightroom The Harder Way! 

If you don't like reading then this short video is exactly what you need. Here you will see how we edit the skin in the described way.




First of all, let's upload the desired photo into the Lightroom app - here we should see the following image:


 1. Let's choose the very first setting "Masking" (photo)


2. When the blue "+" appears, click on it. Then you should see “Create new Mask” as in this picture below (photo)


3.Pick a “Brush” tool. (photo)


4. Then we set the cursor to a size that is comfortable for you, I would personally recommend reducing it to 10-5.

Then use 2 fingers to zoom in and out the place you will be softening.

Start guiding your fingers at the desired location. (photo)

6. Once you have circled the areas you are going to soften, we move on to softening the skin itself!

7. Select the “Effects” setting from the toolbar at the bottom. Here we will use “Texture” and “Clarity” settings.


8. Reduce “Texture” as well as “Clarity” to soften skin.

We can't tell you how much to reduce both settings specifically, as these settings may vary depending on your preferences and facial skin! Also, don’t overdo it, as in such cases the skin will look fake. 

The masking itself will take the longest, especially if you do it over the phone, as it is definitely not easy to bypass the desired lines with your finger. So if you have an Ipad and an apple pencil at home, it will definitely make photo editing easier.

 Now you should see something like this:


before after masking



Smoothen skin in Lightroom The Easy Way!


Another way, which in many cases is much easier and simpler, is to simply adjust the settings of the photo itself without any wrapping. It saves you endless time. However, this method performs correction of the entire photo, in other words, smoothens the entire photo, both the skin and the background or objects. Therefore, if you want the objects to stay sharp, this method may not be suitable for you.

We’re also adding a video to see how simple it is and most importantly fast!




1. Open the Lightroom app on your phone and upload the desired photo (photo)

2. Click on the “Effects” setting. Adjust the settings “Texture” and “Clarity”.

editing photo

Reduce them at your will but please note that too much reduction can greatly blur the elements of the photo.

3. After performing Texture and Clarity adjustments, we move to the “Detail” section.

 a) Here we need to scroll down and find "Noise Reduction" and increase it to the desired amount, we also recommend to increase only a little, otherwise you will soften the whole photo too much.

 b) Then we select “Detail” and we also reduce it to how much we want our photo to look softer. We also adjust the “Contrast” a bit so that there is no plum on the face. (this is especially helpful if the face in the photo is with makeup).

 c) And the last correction is “Color Noise Reduction.” As we mentioned in point 5, we merge different colors, thus making integrity.

Adjust both “Detail” and “Smoothness” if you want to.

edit photo nr2 lightroom


 Now you should see something like this:


befor after photo


TIP: We recommend you to look at the before and after photos after applying each setting by simply clicking on the photo with your finger and holding for a little bit, so you can easily see the difference between the performed corrections. And so it's going to be much easier to decide if you want to further increase or decrease the selected setting :)



Lightroom skin smoothing preset

If you have decided that editing photos in Lightroom takes too long, or you just want professional-looking photos in just one click, then Lightroom Presets is just the thing for you!



What makes presets so good and popular?



Well first of all it is the time that matters. We always lack it. In addition to time, it takes knowledge and imagination to make adjustments in the Lightroom. On top of all that, we often see that we are spending half an hour or even an hour making one preset and eventually we just often delete it - why? Because it did not turn out great, something is wrong and not beautiful at all. Therefore, we recommend professionally created presets here.



So what about those presets?



The photo looks great with just one click :) That would probably be the easiest description. We spend a lot of our time developing presets, and even a few people from different niches work on creating presets, so we try to achieve the MAX good result. We are constantly improving the presets themselves, updating them depending on the current trend. Therefore, after purchasing a preset, you will always receive updates if they are made. So without waiting for anything, we are recommending one preset on this topic of the article :)




 Make Up presets



♡ Brightens and softens skin 

♡ Smoothens face 

♡ Smoothens transitions

♡ Highlights colors while not changing them

♡ Perfect for makeup artists, selfies, instagrammers, social icons 


MakeUp Mobile Presets


Probably the most appropriate preset on this topic, as it smoothes the skin and makes it a little brighter, smoother, and corrects small makeup problems (as seen in before-after photos).


However, you can choose from a variety of other presets: 



Most of our presets smoothen the skin and correct the background.


We always recommend our customers to read the facts and the description of the preset to easy  understand what to expect from a particular preset!

Hope the article was helpful! 





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