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How to get more followers on instagram?

Instagram is probably one of the most popular social apps nowadays. This platform is great for almost everyone, businesses find their audiences here, art creators find their fans and bloggers - their followers. If you've got your instagram account it means you want people to see you, like you and follow you. For a while ago it was easy to connect with people all around the world - post quite appealing picture, put some trendy hashtags and there you go. Yes, it was easy back then but it's not anymore. As instagram is growing rapidly it updates it's algorythms constantly and having pretty face is not enough to become seen.

Content, content, it's all about content! 

Probably you would find these words in every article about instagram, right? However this is the truth you may not want to hear. Internet is full of everything right now and people are just not responding anymore to every "cute" little thing you post. If you want to get a huge base of active followers (and you totally want this as there's no point in dead accounts) you've got to decide what niche you are going to play in. Why should you do that? Well that's simple! 18 years old fashionistas won't follow mother of 3 childs that posts diapers and toys. So when you decide about content then you should define your target audience. And everything you post should be interesting to your defined audience, otherwise - no likes, no follows, no responsiveness. 

Choose appropriate hashtags

Yes, hashtags are not working same way as they did before but they still work! First of all, use all 30 hashtags in your posts! If instagram gives you such opportunity it means you have to use it. DO NOT USE THE SAME HASHTAGS IN EVERY POST. Instagram hates spam! Same repeating hashtags in the same order in each of your posts = spam. We all know how instagram deals with spam:) Rotate them, each time type them by hand, it means no copy paste! Finally, pick the ones that are not oversaturated. If you've got 1k followers - don't go for hashtags that has 10mil posts, no one will see you as you'll fly away of the "recents" tab in seconds and you definitely won't get to "top" section. Use tags with 100k-1mil posts. As your account grow then you can go for more competitive hashtags. 

Reels is a must! 

As any other social platform - instagram just loves those that use newly released features. Make reels and post them constantly as it's a high chance that you will get seen. Also you've got an opportunity for your reel to go viral! No secret, it all comes up to the content here again - the more engaging content you make - the more are your chances to get those followers! 

Consistency is the key

As for instagram algorythms, same as for your followers - people love to see new content constantly. In our days things get old really fast. One week old post will not get anyone's attention. If you've got an opportunity and looking serious at getting followers - post one time per day. At least one time per 2 days. I'm serious, you've got to make it stable if you want to grow. 

Cohesive feed

Okay, let's suppose you already got your attention with all the steps above. What happens when that wanted follower comes to see your profile and feed? He sees all the aesthetics in general. It means he sees how you managed to do the preparation and make your feed cohesive and appealing to the eyes. If no one told you before - nowadays it's all about visual. Especially in such visual based platform as instagram is. If you didn't do your homework and did not plan how your posts will look combined, well, then it's failure at 70% times - they leave! Don't let that happen, okay? There are some free apps to plan your posts and see what your feed will look like after posting some of the content you prepared. It's a good start for eye-catching feed, at least not to make it terrible and see if anything's wrong before you actually do it. Second step - use presets on your photos. This is the easiest and most reasonable way to make your photos match in your feed all the time without additional planning. Won't talk more, see it yourself ⇩
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Take your time to prepare for a really hard work if you want to make it happen. But we all know it's worth the try! 

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