How to choose right presets that will expose your style? Part II

How to choose right presets that will expose your style? Part II

The previous article was all about what to look at when choosing the presets for your unique style. Also we took a look at natural style presets for Lightroom. The article can be found here. Today we will talk about the presets that are an extremely popular choice among instagram bloggers and influencers. The unified feature of these presets is that they all enliven the photo, give it authenticity, and make the instagram feed cohesive. Of course the same rule still applies - in order for the feed to be seamless, you have to keep the “idea” of your photos. It could be the same dominant color or a similar photographic environment. Ideally, when looking at your feed, a person could describe it in one or two words. (Eg. pink or travel, or city, or black and white.)

Instagram lovers find these presets as the most popular ones: 
Influencer, Clean Feed, Insta Lady, IG Style, Insta Girl, Back to Black, IG Daily, Fashion, White Lifestyle, Blogger, Wonderland, Beauty Blogger.

Now let's take a deeper look at each one of them.

Influencer - Desaturates colors, slightly darkens and gives a matte effect.

Clean Feed - Cleans yellows, corrects skin tone and sharpen edges.

Insta Lady - sharpen edges, makes skin clearer and perfectly highlights tan, brightens white background

IG Style - enlivens the photo and highlights its best details.

Insta Girl - Less colors + more clarity = cohesive and eye catching feed.

Back to Black - lots of blogger’s favorite! Express your style with very little color palette while bringing out only a few colors.

IG Daily - Glossy and soft skin, marvelous tan, sexy look will make them wow!

Fashion - Trendy artistic look with less colors, darker tones and more fashionista style!

White Lifestyle - Take your pictures to the next level and get that cohesive and unique style with astonishing and eye-catching White Lifestyle presets collection.

Blogger - Take your instagram feed to the next level with our dark, contrasting, urban city vibes.

Wonderland - Enhance your instagram feed with bright and dreamy presets collection. Make it look spellbound in just one click!

Beauty Blog - perfect for beauty bloggers! Brightens and softens skin, makes pictures warmer and more lively.

Take your time to explore and pick a few of the presets that would transform your feed unrecognizably.

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