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How to choose right presets that will expose your style? Part I

Of course, it's not so simple  to choose the right preset from the sheer number of them for the first-timer. Will this style suit my instagram? Will I be able to use multiple presets to keep the instagram feed cohesive? How do I stand out from the crowd but not look funny at the same time? All these and more questions will be answered in the article.

Decide what style is the most attractive to you.

At the first glance, it seems that all presets are very different, but this is not entirely true. They all have common style features. From more natural, not over edited photo presets, such as "Natural" or "Light and Airy", which lighten up a photo and correct poor lighting, to unique style presets, such as "Vanilla" or "Moody Style". When choosing a preset, it is important to pay attention to before / after photos, as they most purposefully show what effect can be expected.

If you choose a natural style:

If you decide that you only want to slightly enhance the photo without changing it "substantially", we recommend choosing a few of the following presets: Light and Airy, Natural, Clean Beige, White, Bright Dream, Minimal, Clean and Fresh, Dreamy Home, Light and Bright .

Bright Dream - brightens, makes contours clearer, slightly intensifies colors.

Light and Airy is a versatile, lightening preset designed to correct poor lighting issues.

light and airy lightroom presets

Natural - Like the name of the preset itself, the preset makes the photos natural, not over edited. If you don't want clearly visible filters but you want your photos to look like they've been edited by a professional - this preset is just for you.

natural lightroom mobile presets for instagram

White - Do you often take photos in bright environments? This preset will then make the photos even cleaner and whiter.

white lightroom mobile presets for bright and airy photos

Clean Beige - perfect for virtually any photo. Looks amazing on selfies. Intensifies colors. It has a wide range of changes, so you will definitely choose exactly what you like.

clean beige lightroom presets for selfies and aesthetics

Minimal - lightens midtones, dims brightness, makes a great balance. Perfectly reflects his name, the less the better.

minimal lightroom presets photo editing bloggers

Clean and Fresh - sharpens contours, smoothes skin and adjusts its color, enlivens the photo.

clean and fresh mobile presets lightroom blogger influencer

Dreamy Home - created for adjusting photos taken indoors but is also great for photos taken outside. Wide range of lighting and brightness, corrects colors without strongly changing them.

dreamy home lightroom presets for bright natural clean look

Light & Bright - lightens photos while still leaving colors bright, brightens skin color. Perfect for low light.

light and bright lightroom mobile presets for clean natural look

All of these presets are easy to combine with each other because they have a similar purpose - they all give photos more light. So what about other choices that you've got? Well, we will talk them over in the next article!

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Ooohh these presets look awesome. I especially like the natural, and clean and bright!


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