Fall outfits 2021

Fall outfits 2021

Fall outfits 2021

It’s already that time of the year when we all start scrolling pinterest for autumn outfit ideas. To be true, after this kind of research it's way easier to look for exact clothes in stores, right? For all those that are shopping in stores or on the internet - here are some of the most popular looks from pinterest for this fall of 2021. 

Color Trends 2021 Autumn

First, let’s talk about the color tendencies of this autumn. As it is stated, the most trendy ones are:
Mykonos Blue - bright energetic blue (PANTONE 18-4434)
Illuminating - happy and sunny yellow (PANTONE 13-0647)
Leprechaun - astonishing bright green (PANTONE 18-6022)
Fuchsia Fedora - vivid bold pink (PANTONE 18-2330)
Pale Rosette - romantic and cute pastel pink (PANTONE 13-1716)
Adobe - warm and cozy cinnamon tones brown (PANTONE 17-1340)
Fire Whirl - firing passionate red (PANTONE 18-1453)
Rhodonite - dark deep blue-based purple (PANTONE 19-3838)
Spring Lake - calm midtone blue (PANTONE 18-4221)
Root Beer - earthy brown (PANTONE 19-1228)
Don’t be afraid to experiment with these colors in your wardrobe while mixing them with classic grey, beige and definitely black.
Now that we got through trending colors, let's move on to actual wardrobe.

Knitted oversized cardigan

It's a never ending classic that reminds us of the warmth and pumpkin spice latte in the middle autumn. You can style it with pretty much anything - if you're in a mood for mini skirt - then just go for it (don't forget about cute tights!). Not so girly today? No worries, let's wear jeans! I would reccomend to have a few of these in your closet in a different colors. Let's get one trendy (for example - Root Beer) and the other one classic grey.

cardigan lightroom presets mobile fall outfits 2021 pinterest blogging

Denim jacket

Well we probably got one during this summer already and it's still going to be relevant for this autumn. Good news, right? Style it with jeans, oversized dress, leather shorts or schoolgirl skirt and you will be on the spot! 

denim jacket fall outfits 2021 street style autumn lightroom presets mobile desktop

Mom jeans or boyfriend jeans

Ripped or not, black or blue, you definitely want them in your wardrobe! Again yo can style them depending on your mood. My favourite outfit is oversized hoodie or sweatshirt and ripped mom jeans. Also these jeans look perfect with cropped top and cardigan on it. Not in a mood for that? Then just wear simple t-shirt or shirt! 

mom jeans fall outfits 2021 autumn lightroom presets mobile desktop blogging instagram

Now that we've gone through a few points of your wardrobe it's time to go and get some new stuff for this fall! Pumpkin lattes and warm clothes are not so far to wait for :)

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