Beach pictures and how to do them right

Beach pictures and how to do them right

So now is the time of your perfect vacation trip to the beach! Lots of sun, sand, summer breeze and fun, right? We all want that perfect photos to post on instagram during this time and that's absolutely fine if you don't know how to pose and what to wear. This article will help you with finding your style of vacation pictures. Just read it, try it and make them wow!

Finding the right spot to pose should not be so diffucult as everything that includes sea and sand will look awesome. Although the scenery is not the key if you don't know where to start. 

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Start with planning your outfit

The first thing you should do while being at home is to plan what you will wear for these perfect shots. Bikini's and all kind of swimwear's are must so be sure to pack all you've got! Also we would recommend to grab some cute summer dresses for diversity as you don't want to look the same in every photo, right? Usually small resort shops have really cool stuff to offer so you should definitely check them out! 

Get a shimmering lotion with you, you will thank us later!

Ever wondered how these girl's skin look so shiny and soft in her bikini photos? The secret is so simple! They usually use shimmering lotion for subtle shine effect. Also 99% of the time instagram influencer's pictures are edited with the right presets so they look tanned, glossy and nice. You should do that too! We will introduce you with a few of the best presets for beach pictures. 

Hairstyle is one of the things that matter

Doesn't matter if you'd like to make your hair straightened or curly or you would better choose to get a cute ponytail or make some braids - but you must do something! The picture will not look great if your hair looks messy. Great hairstyle = great photo. 

Save your tears for another day

All in all what matters the most is your mindset. Keep your mood up high and you will look awesome in these pictures! Smile, show your teeth, make that sexy look and nose up high. Do whatever your want and be awesome! You want it - you get it, girl! 


Just press on the picture to go straight to the presets collection! Happy vacations :)

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