4 Tips to make picture brigher in a few clicks + FREE PRESET

4 Tips to make picture brigher in a few clicks + FREE PRESET

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How to make dark photos brighter?

Photos probably take a huge part of our lives. After all, holding a phone in your hand makes taking pictures easier and much faster! You don’t need to have a professional camera or to be a professional photographer to make your pictures look good. Walking down the beach, staring at amazing scenery, you would want to capture this wonderful moment here and now, right? All you’ve got to do is to take your phone and take photos right here right now! However, photos do not always look like what we see with the naked eye, so we often get disappointed and just delete “bad” dark photos out of our phone gallery. Well I’ll tell you one secret - you don’t have to do that! In this article you will discover several ways of how you can easily and quickly adjust a photo on your phone in seconds.
  1. How to make a brighter photo while shooting?
  2. How to brighten pictures in the phone gallery?
  3. How to brighten photos in the Lightroom app?
  4. How to brighten photos using Lightroom Presets?
  5. Download free Lightroom preset to brighten your photos

How to brighten a photo?

So you probably should have had such situations when you take a great shot although your whole picture looked dark and blurry. There is a simple fix for that! One of the easiest and the most simple ways is to adjust the camera settings in the direction you want when taking a picture. This means that you’ve got to act before you take a shot. Just before you press the button, aim the camera at the desired object and then tap your finger to make the camera focus on this object. A circle or a square will appear (depending on the phone you are using) and a little “sun” icon on the side. Now you can easily raise or lower the brightness of the photo with your fingers - so you can brighten the photo so easily! Easy, right? However, keep in mind that too much brightness in a photo won’t look great either, so we recommend playing with brightness settings with extreme caution.

How to edit dark pictures in a photo library?

Another easy way is to use the photo editing settings already available on your phone. It's really easy and simple, just open the phone, go to the photo gallery, select the desired photo, press edit - you have all the necessary settings to edit your photo on the go. These settings may seem confusing and difficult to understand for a newbie so we won’t be talking about all of them, we came here for brighter photos, remember? So here are some settings to help us adjust the brightness of the photo:
EXPOSURE - One of the easiest ways is to slide to the right until the photo is bright enough. Just don't overdo it, as too much exposure can turn the yellow color to faded yellow or even white at all. This setting is a great help when there is a lack of light in a photo, to brighten the objects or to get more white light coming up.
BRIGHTNESS - This is the second setting that is probably one of the most popular settings that people use. This one is a great choice when a photo is lacking light. The principle of brightness setting is very similar to exposure, only here we illuminate the whole photo by allowing more light into the whole shot, on the other hand the exposure setting we use to illuminate only yellow/white colors.
    We always recommend using the Brightness setting first. You can go for the Exposure setting if the brightness doesn’t help you to achieve the final result you are going for. Also you can use both to experiment :) 
    With both exposure and brightness, you can easily and strongly brighten the desired photo without compromising photo quality. Experimenting with these settings is so much easier than you think!
    P.S The names of these settings may vary depending on the phone you are using, in our case we use the Iphone.
    The result of the image before after :)

    How to brighten a dark photo with Lightroom?

    Another way of how we edit dark pictures to make them brighter is to use the Lightroom application.This app is available for free in your mobile app store both for iPhones and Androids. Also it’s available for desktop although you’ve got to purchase their subscription to use it on desktop (you can always go for a free trial if you’d like to check it out). It is one of the most popular photo editors, used by both professional photographers and enthusiasts who want to tweak the photo a little bit. Since we are talking here only about photo brightness, we will not talk about the whole app and its possibilities, because there are an infinite number of them here and it would take us a whole book to talk over each and one of them. Let’s talk about brightness settings in the mobile version of Lightroom. You will need to download the Lightroom app from the app store or just by going to the official Adobe Lightroom page. Upload the photos you want to the downloaded app. And then the magic begins!
    We select the desired photo and upload it to Lightroom first. Then we click on the “Light” settings option. Here you’ll see the following settings appear:
      We are going to need only two settings to use here: exposure and whites. It is recommended to first slightly increase the “Exposure” setting so that all the elements are visible in the photo, then use “White” to increase the whites in the photo. Remember this, with “Exposure” we adjust the brightness of the photo, then if we still need it, we use “White” to increase white color in the photo. Make these adjustments and your picture will look way better! Really simple, right?
      And After:

      How to make dark photos brighter with Presets? 

      Probably one of the easiest ways to make dark photos brighter is to use pre-made photo settings - presets created by a professional, and we’ll explain why it’s the best choice right away. Well you probably already understand that photos come in all sorts: taken during the day time or at night, indoor or outdoor, in the winter or in the summer. Their color gamut is always different and  each time you’re going to have to re-adjust your photos to make them look better. And still you probably won’t be able to achieve that “perfect shot” until you’re a professional editor yourself. So here come Lightroom Presets, an already very popular product among influencers on instagram or other social media, bloggers, or even professional photographers around the world and it’s gaining its popularity among us, simple people that love beautiful photos. It’s important to mention that you’re going to forget about long lasting photo editing or trying to make your photos look great and not succeeding in this. Applying a preset in the Lightroom will take you less time than reading this sentence :)
      Perhaps you already have the question on your mind: is it really worth buying presets if you just want to lighten a dark photo a little? Let’s take a short step back where we talked about photo correction using Exposure and White settings in the Lightroom app. So in order to brighten a photo you only need a few settings, but if you want that "wow" effect when the photo becomes bright, the objects are clear, the skin is smoother, and the photo itself comes to life? Then you’ve got your answer - definitely YES - because photos with professional presets look like they were taken by a professional and even your simple selfies can go from average to amazing in just one click.
      I think you won’t believe me until you try this yourself. This is what we, humans do. And that’s perfectly normal.
      So here is an original photo:
      lightroom presets
      and with the preset:
      lightroom presets
      You don’t believe me, right? Then try one of our brightening presets for free! All you’ve got to do is to download it!


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      We hope the article was helpful and you found what you were looking for. Don’t stop capturing your most amazing moments
      With love,

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